Sucuri vs Wordfence

Sucuri vs Wordfence. Which one should give you full security?

Hello Guys, if you are searching this term on google Sucuri vs Wordfence there are possibly two main things, either you have security issues with your website or you want to purchase the security software. In this article, I will show you how you can choose between these two software. Let’s get started:-

First thing first I would like to describe what I am going to tell you in this article. Basically, I will describe 4 major part in this article. Here they are:-

  • Sucuri vs Wordfence
  • Sucuri site check
  • Sucuri review
  • Sucuri WordPress plugin

Sucuri sounds like security and that really it is. If you have ever concern about the security of your website and want to speed up your website and why you want to get these things because Google has stated many times that we will give the priority to those websites who are more secure and loads fast.

Here Sucuri Works for you and I will tell you how?

Sucuri is a globally distributed company, with over 100 employees, across 27 different countries..Sucuri, the name was introduced in 2010 by three of his founders’ name Delaware Dre Armeda and Tony Perez.

What is Sucuri:-

Sucuri is a platform which gives you the protection against hackers and malware attacks. It gives you the facility to improve your website speed, create a backup for your website and gives you the website protection alert from time to time.

Why WordPress users should use sucuri?

As being a WordPress website owner you always thinking which plugin or software is best for the security of your website so I will recommend sucuri for your WordPress website security.

You can install and activate the free version of the plugin.

Sucuri vs Wordfence:-

Now you are clear that what is sucuri and why you should use it but you have also several questions in your mind that it is only the software or plugin for security. I said no, there are several plugins and software for the security of your website.

Let me Explain:-

How you can define what you will choose in between Sucuri or other plugins like wordfence.

In this situation that is your circumstance at this moment, you have gone to the perfect spot. In the present post, we will look at two of the most well-known site security modules for WordPress – Sucuri Security and Wordfence Security.

Sucuri and Wordfence are the two most reliable plugins which are coming in your mind when it comes to WordPress security. Sucuri has numerous highlights and the best money saving advantage in the market. The essential distinction among Wordfence and Sucuri is that while wordfence centers fundamentally around site security, Sucuri offers site observing, insurance and malware tidy up for WordPress as well as for any CMS. Sucuri has a fixed yearly expense for site cleanup and security, with boundless malware removal demands. WordFence charges an expense each time manual cleanups are mentioned, or if there are complexities with regards to malware removal.

Confused!!!! Now I am giving you some features of both plugins that you will choose which is better for you:-


  • The price of this plugin starts at $99/month. You will get the free version also but for some time.
  • Main features of sucuri is Real-time scan, Website Firewall, Latest threats update and many more.


  • The price of Wordfence is $99/year (excluding multi-year or bulk discounts)
  • It has also a free version, real-time protection, website firewall and many more.

Which is better for you:-

If you are new and just want to check about these plugins that how these plugins will work then you should go with the free version of both plugin and if you have a professional site that you should protect from spammers or hackers then I will recommend that you should use sucuri.

Sucuri review:-

sucuri reviewSummary

Sucuri is incredible for organizations who don’t have their very own inner security master group, particularly in the event that you handle touchy data or need to agree to security or protection laws. Any site proprietor who might be helpless against DDoS assaults or programmers ought to consider putting resources into Sucuri to protect their site.

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