high pr social bookmarking sites

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2020

Nowadays Social Bookmarking s very essential for creating backlinks and every SEO specialist want more backlinks for rank high in SERP and the best part is this that it is not tough to create backlinks from social bookmarking So now I am giving you the list of high pr social bookmarking sites in 2020.

What is Social Bookmarking:-

Before creating social profile on Social bookmarking sites it is very essential to know that what is social bookmarking and how to bookmark your website or post on these sites.

Social Bookmarking:-

By the name, we can easily get that bookmarking is that when we bookmark something(website URL or post) on another website. It is a social platform where tons of people are active daily and searches something watch videos advertise something and doing much more. So it is a great idea to be a part of this. Isn’t it?

Use of Social Bookmarking in SEO:-

Every SEO specialist knows the importance of social bookmarking. There are several benefits of social bookmarking:-

  • After doing social bookmarking you will create a good social image on these websites and it is very beneficial for your further plans like if you promote something on these websites and you have a strong image on these websites so you have a better chance for your business.
  • Social bookmarking is a great way to create high pr and do follow backlinks which gives you a higher rank on search engines.

How to do social bookmarking:-

Social bookmarking is not a tough task to do. Just sign up on a particular website confirm your mail address and create your strong profile on it and then bookmark your website and post on these websites. Let me explain:-

  • Just type your bookmarking website and create an account on Fill your mail address, username, and password.

high pr social bookmarking sites list

  • Then sign in into your account and type your URL which you want to bookmark.

high pr social bookmarking sites list

  • The final step is that just type you’re article name, add some tags and description and then submit.

high pr social bookmarking sites list

  • After some time your article has been index on that website and you have got two things first is backlink and second is your social profile.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2020

  1. reddit.com
  2. diigo.com
  3. bookmarkspocket.com/
  4. whitelinks.com
  5. sitejot.com
  6. plurk.com
  7. pearltrees.com
  8. url.org
  9. ezyspot.com
  10. thebaynet.com
  11. com
  12. freebookmarkingsubmission.com
  13. bitlanders.com
  14. digg.com
  15. bibsonomy.org
  16. google.com/bookmarks
  17. bookmark4you.com
  18. bookmarkee.com
  19. bookmax.net
  20. aboogy.com
  21. storeboard.com
  22. updatesee.com
  23. citeulike.org
  24. dzone.com
  25. twicsy.com
  26. kirtsy.com
  27. Dotnetkicks.com
  28. iesa.co
  29. inbound.org
  30. blogengage.com
  31. metafilter.com
  32. mendeley.com
  33. Fark.com
  34. scoop.it
  35. webseoexpertservices.com
  36. folkd.com
  37. blinklist.com
  38. actweb-sport.com
  39. techspy.com
  40. lymelightwebs.net
  41. wirefan.com
  42. hubpages.com
  43. medium.com
  44. viesearch.com
  45. lockerdome.com
  46. disqus.com
  47. aixindashi.org
  48. registertovotetoday.com
  49. usefulenglish.net
  50. airpim.biz
  51. hot-bookmarks.com
  52. dailyhostnews.com
  53. sfcsf.org
  54. myhq.com/

So I am giving you 54 high pr social bookmarking sites list. Hope you will all get the most of benefit from these website and rank higher on search result. If you like my article, subscribe my blog for further updates. Thanks.

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