Hello, friends, this is my first article where I am discussing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and more about it. Two things I am discussing in this article:-

  • What is the Definition Of Search Engine Optimization
  • Types Of SEO

Definition of SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

definition of search engine optimization

So as we discuss earlier SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Frankly, if I am saying it is not rocket science to understand but we have to follow some rules in it and before we starting SEO for any website we have to know the algorithms of google

And many search engine like google. We will discuss later the algorithms of search engines but firstly I will discuss the definition of Search Engine Optimization******

Search Engine Optimization is a process to understand the algorithm of Search Engines.

The definition of Search Engine Optimization varies about your skills. Also, it is a process for making the websites Search Engine friendly and tells the search engine that what you have in your websites like keywords, sitemap, backlinks and etc that search engine will index your page or website.

If you have good knowledge of SEO you will easily rank up your website on the search engine but this is not a one-day thing to do. your website should be properly indexed on search engines and all your website make in the guidelines of the search engine and more other things that we will discuss later. In my words, this is the definition of Search Engine Optimization.


After discussing the definition of Search Engine Optimization. We have to discuss the types of SEO.

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO

1-White hat SEO:

If you are fulfilling the criteria of search engines and u have generated organic traffic then this is called white hat SEO. We discuss briefly about white hat SEO later.

definition of search engine optimization

2-Black hat SEO:-

When you do some illegal work in SEO I mean that when you do something that which is not belongs to search engine criteria so it is black hat seo.if you want some time happiness then I will recommend to u black hat SEO but when search engine finds that you are doing black hat SEO you will never rank your page or website on search Engine. if you want success in SEO you have to do white hat SEO its take time but it is a genuine method to rank up your page or website and according to me black hat SEO is never in the definition of SEO but same as I said earlier I will also discuss in brief about it also.

definition of search engine optimization


Actually, gray hat SEO is a mixture of white hat SEO and black hat seo.if you do both means some part of the white hat(genuine method) and some part of the black hat(risky)

Then it is called a gray hat SEO but my opinion is that you should do white hat SEO instead of black or gray hat SEO.

definition of search engine optimization

So in this article, I define all the definitions of SEO like the white hat, black hat, and gray hat.hope you all like it.

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